Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ferrari Sales and Service San Francisco - Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer Buying Tips - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

What to look for when buying a Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer

  • The engine is very flexible and robust
  • When properly serviced, it is reliable
  • Body rust is not a problem
  • Good a/c on later cars
  • Clutches can be problematice
  • Interior and paint wears quickly on earlier cars
  • Carbureted cars are expensive and difficult to smog
  • High center of gravity makes for twichy handling at the limit
  • As this was never a US model, you can find shoddy EPA and DOT work
  • If improperly maintainted, it can be expensive to repair
Buyer's Check list

Green Flags
  • Worn paint and interior doesn't mean a car is mechanically shoddy
  • All smog equipemtn is in place and working
  • A straight frame
  • Documented, under 50,000 miles on the odometer
  • Service records that verify milaage claims
  • Current California BAR sticker in the door jam
Red Flags
  • Weak clutch
  • Second gear synchro and transaxle problems (especially on 365s)
  • No smog, EPA and/or DOT releases
  • Chassis with crimped or kinked frame rails
  • No service records to verify mileage
  • Excessive smoke out the tail pipes on cold start
source:  Forza 9, February 1998
by Winston Goodfellow

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