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Ferrari Sales and Service Bay Area - 1956 Ferrari 410 Sport Scaglietti Spyder Pebble Beach - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

1956 Ferrari 410 Sport Scaglietti Spyder

Unlike many of the cars with an actual chance at winning the overall Best In Show award at Pebble Beach, this car was built with a single purpose in mind: winning races. Designed by Ferrari's racing Scuderia, Powered by a 5.0-liter V-12 engine, the Sport Scaglietti Spyder was a fast and lithe machine for its time, competing in the 1000 km of Buenos Aires among other events. Dominant until the mid-engined Ferraris arrived in the 1960s, this is just one of three Spyders built of this type. Racing legends like Phil Hill, Juan Manuel Fangio, and Carroll Shelby all drove this car.

by Marty Padgett


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Ferrari Sales and Service Bay Area - 1957 Ferrari 500 TRC Spider by Scaglietti - San Francisco Motor Sports San Rafael

1957 Ferrari 500 TRC Spider by Scaglietti

Written by Steve Ahlgrim

Following engineer Aurelio Lampredi’s departure from Ferrari in 1955, a new engineering team was formed for 1956. These highly skilled men soon came up with a new 2-liter sports racing car: the 500 TR. This was the first Ferrari designated with the now-legendary name “Testa Rossa.” The 4-cylinder-engined Type 500 TR was introduced in 1956 and was the successor to the 500 Mondial. Seventeen examples were built, and they became favorite sports racers for privateers the world over.

Half a year later, the FIA issued new regulations. The 500 TR was outlawed, the windscreen now had to be symmetrical over the axis of the car with a height of at least 5.9 inches, a soft top was required, and the gas tank capacity was to be 31.7 gallons. A passenger door was mandated as well.

Engineers, mechanics and designers began a race against the clock. By the end of 1956, Ferrari announced the 500 TRC, a new model which adhered to all of the new FIA regulations. Pininfarina designed an entirely new body for the car, which was built by Scaglietti, and it is rightly regarded as one of the most beautiful Ferrari racing spiders ever built.

The Ferrari factory sold the TRC to private customers all over the world as a winning weapon for sports car racing. The small group of 19 cars was produced within one year. Less than twelve months after its introduction, however, the 500 TRC was replaced by the 12-cylinder 250 Testa Rossa. As Ferrari’s last 4-cylinder sports racing car, the 500 TRC truly marked the end of an era.

The car on offer today is the sixth of these 19 total cars. It has been owned by a succession of enthusiasts, the first two of which actively raced the car in period. The third owner and his family owned the car for more than three decades.

The 500 TRC, with its clean and elegant lines, is regarded as one of the most beautiful sports racing Ferraris ever built. Chassis 0670MDTR is a matching-numbers car and totally authentic. Its entire history is known and has been very carefully researched and documented by marque experts. Moreover, it is eligible for almost every historic event in the world, be it an open road, closed race course or manicured show field.

Some Ferraris may have achieved greater notoriety, but to the connoisseurs, none of the front-engined cars are more important and prestigious than the highly sophisticated 4-cylinder 500 TRCs, which combine perfect aesthetics with tremendous driving pleasure.


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Mercedes Sales and Repair Bay Area - 1928 Mercedes-Benz “Best of Show” Pebble Beach

62nd Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Names 1928 Mercedes-Benz “Best of Show”

The competition showcased 220 cars from 33 states and 15 countries

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (August 19, 2012) — A 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik Torpedo owned by Paul & Judy Andrews of Fort Worth, Texas, was named Best of Show at the 62nd Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, held Sunday on the 18th fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links. The event showcased 220 cars from 33 states and 15 countries and raised $1,077,220 for charity.

“I’m not sure I can put into words how I feel,” said Paul Andrews, founder and CEO of TTI. “It’s probably the most wonderful feeling I’ve had in my life. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work by a lot of people. We’re all excited. We’re tickled to death.”

Of his car, he said, “It’s the whole package. There’s not a bad line on this car. It was the sports car, the high performance car of its era, and then Saoutchik gave it style and grace. It has power and it has beauty.”

Jacques Saoutchik made seven avant-garde Torpedo bodies for the Mercedes-Benz 680S chassis, each differing in their details. The combination of chrome accents and low windshield make this car, shown first at the 1928 New York Auto Show, both a sports car and a luxury touring car.

“This car really has everything,” said Concours Chairman Sandra Button. “It has fantastic German engineering, elegant French styling, and a wonderful restoration by Paul Russell. It’s a car you can imagine racing as well as touring. It’s just a marvelous embodiment of everything that is Mercedes-Benz.”

The judging process at the Pebble Beach Concours is two-fold: Class Judges focus primarily on originality and authenticity, while Honorary Judges direct their attention to design, styling and elegance. To be eligible to win Best of Show—the event’s top award—a car must first win its class.

Other nominees for Best of Show included a 1935 Duesenberg J Gurney-Nutting Speedster owned by the William Lyon Family of Newport Beach, California; a 1931 Duesenberg J Derham Tourster owned by Joseph and Margie Cassini III, of West Orange, New Jersey; and a 1933 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport Figoni Coupé owned by David and Adele Cohen of West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In addition to Saoutchik Coachwork, the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance featured Maharaja Cars, Mercer, Fiat, Mercedes SLs, Sport Customs and German Motorcycles.

Tonight Show host Jay Leno made a guest appearance at the event, offering tickets to his show and tours of his Big Dog Garage, raising over $50,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County. The previous evening, at the Pebble Beach Auction presented by Gooding & Company, Leno’s Fiat 500 Prima Edizione, initially valued at $25,000 to 35,000, sold for $385,000 and attracted an additional $215,000, raising a total of $600,000 for the Fisher House Foundation. Also in attendance were Steve Carrell, George Lucas, Adrien Brody and Adam Carolla.


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Ferrari Service Bay Area - Jay Leno's Garage finally welcomes a Ferrari, courtesy of Adam Carolla - San Francisco Motor Sports San Rafael

Jay Leno and Adam Carolla

We've been watching episodes of Jay Leno's Garage for a good long while now, but we can honestly say this is the first clip that's actually riled more than a chuckle. Adam Carolla stopped by with his 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, and while Leno isn't much of a Ferrari fan, he has an appreciation for older metal of any origin. The show starts off on the right foot as the two curmudgeon comedians lament the lack of auto interest among the younger generation and Leno bemoans how complicated modern Ferrari models are. But the real hilarity kicks in once the two take to the road.

Not long into the drive, the 330 GT 2+2 runs out of gas. We're not sure whether that's more embarrassing for Carolla, who drove the car to the Big Dog Garage, or Leno, who promptly took the keys. Either way, the Ferrari gets back on course with a little help from a five-gallon jug of fuel. Before long, a second issue rears its head: the speedometer begins wailing due to lack of lubrication. That wail eventually vibrates the gauge enough to shake the needle itself free from the face. Hilarity ensues. Check it out for yourself.

News Source: Jay Leno's Garage
By Zach Bowman

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Ferrari Sales San Francisco - Ferrari F12 Berlinetta makes North American Debut at Pebble Beach - San Francisco Motor Sports San Rafael

Among all the gorgeous cars at Pebble Beach, one of the most stunning of all is the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Sunday it made it’s premier journey on North American soil, among all the hubbub at Pebble Beach.

The F12 Berlinetta takes over the spot the 599 Fiorano had in the lineup, and while its still front-mid engined and rear-wheel drive, it’s also smaller and lighter than the old 599 thanks to an all-new lightweight alloy space frame chassis and suspension.
The Berlinetta’s V12 engine, is an upgrade of that first seen in the FF, but has been reworked to produce more power – a stunning 730 hp, which is also expected to help the F12 deliver up to 30 percent better fuel economy.
The Italian car’s impressive design is also functional. Air is directed from the hood down the sides of the car to increase downforce, and there’s even active brake cooling to help keep the mighty Ferrari’s big brakes from fading.
In terms of performance, this is arguably one of the fastest road-going Ferraris yet. It hits 62-mph in a mere 3.1 seconds and has lapped the Fiorano circuit in 1’23″, faster than any other Ferrari road car.




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Ferrari Service Bay Area - World's oldest Ferrari is unveiled following restoration... and it's now worth a cool $8million - San Francisco Motor Sports

World's oldest Ferrari is unveiled following restoration... and it's now worth a cool $8million

With its small, low body and thin tyres, this sports car doesn't look anything like the powerful, expensive models of today.
But this stunning vehicle is most likely their inspiration as it is believed to be the world's oldest Ferrari.
The 1947 166 Spyder Corsa has recently been unveiled for the first time since being completely restored.
Historic: It is believed that this is the world's oldest Ferrari, which has been unveiled for the first time since being completely restored
Historic: It is believed that this is the world's oldest Ferrari, which has been unveiled for the first time since being completely restored
Stunning: The 1947 166 Spyder Corsa was built just after the Second World War by manufacturer Enzo Ferrari and has now been restored for £300,000 by one dedicated owner
Stunning: The 1947 166 Spyder Corsa was built just after the Second World War by manufacturer Enzo Ferrari and has now been restored for £300,000 by one dedicated owner
It was built just after the Second World War by manufacturer Enzo Ferrari and has now been restored for $500,000 by one dedicated owner.
This may seem like a lot of money, but owner Jim Glickenhaus, from Pebble Beach, California, believes the car could now fetch up to $8million.
Capable of speeds of up to 100 miles-per-hour, which was enough to win the model the 1947 Turin Grand Prix, this 12-cylinder classic car is a one-of-a-kind.

Mr Glickenhaus, 62,  said: 'I bought the car at auction in 2004 for around $770,000 (£490K).
'As soon as I set eyes on it there was love at first sight. There is no other car like this on the planet.
'To sit in it is like going back in time - and this car is a dream to drive.
Expensive: Owner Jim Glickenhaus, from Pebble Beach, California, believes the car could now fetch up to £5million
Expensive: Owner Jim Glickenhaus, from Pebble Beach, California, believes the car could now fetch up to £5million
Rare: Capable of speeds of up to 100-miles-per-hour, which was enough to win the model the 1947 Turin Grand Prix, this 12-cylinder classic car is a one of its kind
Rare: Capable of speeds of up to 100-miles-per-hour, which was enough to win the model the 1947 Turin Grand Prix, this 12-cylinder classic car is a one of its kind
'Whenever people see this piece of history being driven in the street it brings a smile to their faces.'
The motor - numbered 002 - was the first sold by Enzo Ferrari in December 1947, after his first build crashed.
After changing hands several times, and being converted into a sports car design, there was an attempt by a previous owner to restore the vehicle, before it was garaged for several years.

However, perfectionist Mr Glickenhaus wanted to do everything he could to take the car back to its original form.
In 2006 the owner of a Ferrari marked 001C came forward claiming his vehicle was the world's oldest.
This was actually a number two car built before Mr Glickenhaus' 1947, which could contain a proportion of parts from the first crashed 01C Ferrari. However this vehicle lacked the original engine and used Ford motor parts.
'My Ferrari still has the original chassis, engine, gearbox and most of the mechanical pieces,' said Mr Glickenhaus.
'I took to the original home of Ferrari, Marenello in northern Italy.
'There you will find the mechanics that have preserved the heritage of this machine.
'They had all the photographs, parts and knowledge to deliver an authentic restoration.'
Mr Glickenhaus, from New York, is a partner at Glickenhaus & Co, an investment management company with $343 million of capital last year.
He is a committed charity fund raiser, and using his unique Ferrari in sponsored events he has raised over $50K (£31K) for troubled New York teenagers.
'Each year I raise money for my Possibility Project,' he said.

Proud: Mr Glickenhaus wanted to do everything he could to take the car back to its original form
Proud: Mr Glickenhaus wanted to do everything he could to take the car back to its original form
Unique: Mr Glickenhaus says his Ferrari still has the original chassis, engine, gearbox and most of the mechanical pieces
Unique: Mr Glickenhaus says his Ferrari still has the original chassis, engine, gearbox and most of the mechanical pieces
'We work with teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds who are in foster care for example.
'They take part in a programme which sees them gaining skills and eventually putting on plays to tell their stories and boost their confidence at the same time.
'The project allows teenagers to have a chance to go to college - and a huge proportion of them do so.
'For me it's great to put the machine to work for the benefit of others.

by Anthony bond


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Ferrari Sales San Francisco - C/D flogs Ferrari 458 Italia Spider on Stelvio Pass - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

Seems that Jethro Bovington, who we recently spent time with while he reviewed the Ferrari F12 Berlinettafor EVO, wasn't finished with prancing horses after he turned in those keys. Putting on his Car and Driverhat, he took a 458 Spider for a spin up and down Italy's 180-year-old Stelvio Pass.

The combination Bovington set out to examine was perhaps the world's best mid-engined convertible supercar on perhaps the world's greatest driving road. Giving the grunt is a 4.5-liter V8 with 562 horsepower, and while there's a mere 110-pound penalty over the coupe, the open-air reverberations of that exhaust are indeed worth it, especially set to the scene of 60 hairpin turns and long, narrow straights over 9,045 feet of elevation and every kind of weather. So yeah: nobody loses. Scroll down to watch.

by Jonathon Ramsey

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Ferrari Sales Bay Area - Pebble Beach 2012 preview - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2012 preview (© Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance)
Car connoisseurs the world over are set to descend on a golf course in California next week, as the 62nd Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance gets underway.
Not heard of Pebble Beach? Think Goodwood Festival of Speed, but soaked in a bit more wealth and a distinctly American flavour. And several layers of expensive high-gloss car wax.
Positioned on the manicured fairways of one of the world's most exclusive golf courses, it's a fitting venue for America's wealthy elite to show off their rare and priceless classics.
Pebble Beach Automotive Week takes place between the 16th and 19th of August.

But the Concours is only the final event in a packed week celebrating the classic automobile! All over Monterey County, classic cars take to streets, golf courses, parks and the world-renowned Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, surrounding visitors with automobiles from yesteryear.

Source MSM Cars By Tim Kendall,

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Ferrari Sales San Francisco - Ferrari F1 Clienti Program Offers Real Formula 1 Cars to Private Owners - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

Ferrari F1 Clienti Program Offers Real Formula 1 Cars to Private Owners


If you love vintage race cars and have attended the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival (formerly known as the Monterey Historic Races at Laguna Seca) several times. One dream of many is to have the money and spare time to be able to own and race my own vintage race car. As a Formula 1 fan and as a lover of the Ferrari marque, the idea of being able to own and race a real Ferrari F1 car is quite an exciting proposition.
source: By Freddy Sherman | Yahoo! Contributor Network

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Ferrari Sales San Francisco - Maserati MC12 GT1 in Action on Track - San Francisco Motorsports

Video Maserati MC12 GT1 in Action on Track

A Maserati MC12 Corsa was spotted in Paris a few weeks ago? It was being pulled inside the MotorVillage to be exposed for a few months, but another one recently surfaced!

That is two out of the twelve ever built in less than a month. And this time he spotted it on the track. The brutal Maserati MC12 GT1 was in action at the circuit du Vigeant Val de Vienne, during the 2012 Sport & Collection event.

by MR


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Ferrari Service San Francisco - How the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse can punch all your buttons - San Francisco Motors Sports San Rafael

As of today, there are four Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse roadsters in the world, the fastest open-topped cars ever built, each valued at a minimum of $2.4 million and capable of hitting 255 mph. Driving one feels like the ultimate cheat code in the video game of life; maximum power, near invincibility and all the coins. It's also a peek inside the hidden kingdom of Bugatti owners, where $20,000 tire changes seem logical.

First, some genealogy: The Grand Sport Vitesse is the final evolution of the Bugatti Veyron launched in 2005. Those cars had 1,001 horsepower from their 16-cylinder, quad-turbocharged engines; the Grand Sport Vitesse makes an even 1,200 hp, combined with a sleeker body, suspension changes and a removable roof. After building about 350 Veyrons, Bugatti has vowed to build about 100 more.
Parked outside my hotel, the Vitesse sits as if someone pulled to the valet counter in a space shuttle. Awaiting me for my ride was Andy Wallace, a former 24 Hours of LeMans winner who's now Bugatti's on-call driver, showing owners and potential buyers how to get the car to 250 mph and back to zero without dying. It's like being an astronaut whose rocket goes forward instead of up.
Wallace spent several minutes showing me how easy the Vitesse was around suburban Connecticut. He might as well been narrating "50 Shades of Gray" in Esperanto for as much heed as I could muster, because nothing is normal when riding in a vehicle as orange as a Sunkist bottle with more horsepower than any NASCAR, Formula 1 or LeMans car.
A few notes did make it through: The Veyron rides low, requiring some assessment of driveways and curbs. It's a taut ride at everyday speeds, but rarely unpleasant. There are no touch screens, no video displays and perhaps most shockingly, no cupholders — because with 1.4 g's of lateral acceleration, a Starbucks venti would turn into a hot liquid grenade.
Your first surprise is the Vitesse's natural soundtrack. At low speeds, there's just this bass rumble from the 8-liter W-16 engine churning behind your shoulders. But when you blip the throttle, the four turbos spool up to force more air into the engine, then blow off excess pressure through their wastegates in a loud "whooooasssssh." It's as close as I will ever come to having a dragon snort on my neck.
Wallace did one launch of the Vitesse on an on-ramp. I can't say what speed we hit, because I couldn't turn my head to look at the speedometer from the passenger's seat. I can say that Bugatti's claim of 60 mph in 2.5 seconds feels like physical proof that Einstein was right about time slowing if you accelerate fast enough.
With that, Wallace gave me the reins to the dragon.
One of the great untold secrets about the Bugatti Veyron? It's a family car. Not in the sense that it could hold a stroller — it can barely fit a diaper bag in its front hatch — but that it exists only because of ancient familial pride.
Ettore Bugatti was one of the auto industry's great eccentric geniuses. Between World War I and II, Bugatti not only won more races than any other automaker until Ferrari in the '60s, but built some of the world's finest cars under his name for the royal and the wealthy. He was also given to piques that'd make Steve Jobs blush; when one customer showed up to the French factory in an Opel cab, Bugatti refused to sell him a car. When an electric company sent him a bill in a fashion he thought rude, Bugatti built his own power plant.
Drawings of Porsche's proposed Type 52 luxury carWhile Bugattis cars were triumphing on the track in the early 1930s, a German engineer named Ferdinand Porsche was drafting plans for a new Grand Prix race car, one powered by a massive supercharged V-16 engine. With support from Hitler's German government, Porsche's Auto Union Type C cars and Mercedes' competing entries began to outpace Bugatti, who had no supporter to match.
When Bugatti died in 1947, his firm collapsed. After one failed revival in the early 1990s, Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piech had VW buy the rights to the Bugatti name, a move that puzzled other executives. In his first meeting with VW engineers in 1999, Piech set the parameters for what the 21st-century Bugatti should do. It had to produce at least 1,000 hp. It had to reach 62 mph in less than three seconds. It had to surpass a top speed of 252 mph — the fastest speed ever hit at LeMans. And it had to do all of this while being capable of polite trips to the opera.
Ferdinand Porsche had plans to build a luxury road car with his supercharged 16-cylinder world beater that never came true. Seven decades later Piech — Ferdinand Porsche's grandson — finished the job, with Bugatti's coat of arms.

Sitting low in the Veyron's cockpit feels like steering a swank tank, what with the leather from Austrian cows raised — and I'm not making this up — in pastures with no barbed wire and at altitudes where mosquitoes can't reach so that their hides create flawless leather.
The genius of the Veyron isn't just total power but how it delivers it — on call, anytime, repeatedly, without fade in the brakes or skids from the all-wheel-drive. Those Volkswagen engineers took six years to meet Piech's targets, but the Veyron never embarrasses itself at legal speeds. After just a few minutes of practice, you're ready for more speed, and in the Veyron, there's always more speed. Stomping on the pedal will quickly register triple-digit figures — supposedly — or one can use the launch control to recreate aircraft carrier launch scenes from "Top Gun."
But the Veyron engineers don't give you an unlimited length of rope to hang yourself and destroy the car. In everyday driving, the top speed is limited to 200 mph or so, and if you put on the fabric roof in the rain, the top speed drops to a measly 180 mph. Veyron owners who want the full 255 mph must use a special key, inserted on the floor by the driver's seat, that performs 25 system tests to confirm the car is ready for such abuse.
That starts with the tires — a type of Michelin run-flat that's the largest ever built for a road car, and the main reason its speed is capped at 255 mph. The tires will last about 10,000 miles, after which they need a replacement that runs about $20,000. After four tire changes, Michelin requires new wheels, which can run $40,000. Given the typical Bugatti buyer only drives 2,000 miles a year, the tire cost seems less extreme, but even the annual service can run another $20,000 — which requires removing the carbon-fiber body panels to check the Veyron's 10 radiators and 24 gallons of oil, coolants and other liquids.
And those typical Bugatti buyers aren't clipping coupons for Jiffy Lube. There are roughly 90 Bugattis in the United States, most owned by businessmen somewhere along the Bruce Wayne-Lex Luthor axis of wealth. Many own more than one, and their ranks do not yet include a professional athlete, perhaps because even the most successful baller still feels nervous about their future capital needs.
Which brings up the strangest fact of the Bugatti Veyron: At $2.4 million, it may be one of the best values of any new car in the world, because by most reckoning each one costs at least twice that amount to build. It's a strange act of charity that only makes sense when seen as a monument to engineering. Most of us will never acquire the code to owning a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, but enjoying one only requires pushing the start button.

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Ferrari Service and Repair San Francisco - Ferrari 458 Spider Runs Over Cop - San Francisco Motor Sports


Sources close to Julien Chabbott, 28, a social media entrepreneur who is dating former “Hills” star Stephanie Pratt, say he is adamant that he did not illegally park his car, as the officer accused. Instead, he said that his $260,000 Ferrari was parked in the no-parking zone by a valet and that he was extremely “frustrated” that the officer was painting him as the bad guy, TMZ reports.
Chabbott also reportedly does not believe the cop was injured after Chabbott ran his Ferrari tire over the cop's foot. He is said to have cited the video that shows the cop appearing to be fine as he walked over to the driver’s side door and alleges that he does not begin to limp until he is aware that other cops are watching, TMZ reports.
But the video shows the cop calling out to Chabbott to “Stop, stop” before he ran over his foot as he was writing the ticket.
The officer, whose name is Felix Recio, suffered injuries to his left foot and his right hand, and was hospitalized for treatment, TMZ reports.
Recio claims that Chabbott was complaining about his ticket and jumped back in the car and began to drive away, even after he was ordered to remain on the sidewalk.
Chabbott also reportedly attempted to grab the officers memo book, according to the New York Post.
Recio pulled Chabbott from the car and threw him on the ground to handcuff him, telling him he assaulted a police officer.
Chabbott has since been charged with felony assault and misdemeanor obstruction with governmental-administration, TMZ reports.

source Fox News

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Ferrari Sales Bay Area - Moscow Unlim 500+ Trailer - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

Unlim 500+ Trailer

Unlim 500+ released a new trailer yesterday to publicise their race meeting on 8 and 9 September 2012. This video contains something for everyone. From tuned SUV’s to single seater race cars, tuned Nissan GT-R’s to Lamborghini Aventadors!

by Lawerence

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Ferrari Sales San Franicsco - Bugarti Veyron Unveiling at Westfield Sheppards Bush in London - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

Bugarti Veyron Unveiling at Westfield Sheppards Bush in London

F14BigAl captured one of the first videos showing the Bugarti Veyron at it’s official unveiling in Sheppards Bush’s Westfield shopping centre as part of the latest London Motor Museum show. It’s owned by Lord Pembroke, the owner of Wilton House. It will go on display at the Wilton Classic and Supercars 2012 as one of the headline displays!
As you will hear from the video, this is no standard Bugatti Veyron! It features a custom Quicksilver exhaust to match the loud wrap. We have to say that we love the look of this car.

Organizers of Wilton House Classic and Supercars 2012 unveiled their unique BugARTi Veyron today at Stratford Shopping Centre in London! It will be on display next Sunday at Wilton House in England as part of the supercar display. The Bugarti Veyron features a wrap designed by Ian Cook, an English artist who uses remote control cars to create acrylic artwork.
It’s a project that came together thanks to the Wilton House organizers, PopBangColour – Ian’s design company and the car’s owner, Lord Pembroke. The colours remind us of the classic gulf livery while aspects of the Bugatti badge have been incorporated onto the front of the car along with the image of an Aston Martin racer on the side.

by Lawerence