Friday, October 5, 2012

Ferrari Service and Sales Bay Area - Ferrari HY-KERS shown in depth: Video - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

Ferrari introduced the world to its HY-KERS 599 hybrid powertrain concept in 2010.
Ferrari now reveals the latest development, with its V12 coupled to the HY-KERS kinetic-energy-recovery system.
While efficiency is important for the greener Ferrari, power and performance are still the standard.
In the provided Ferrari video, charts show--without exact measurements--a substantial increase in torque and power over a standard combustion engine.
The new setup offers a lower center of gravity with no increase in dimensions, and the KERS unit doesn't add any additional weight when compared with a combustion engine.
Ferrari says the combination puts out 40 percent less CO2 emissions compared with an internal-combustion engine of similar power.
Check out the video for all of the details available from Ferrari.

source Autoweek
by David Arnouts

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