Friday, May 11, 2012

San Francisco Motorsports - Ferrari F70 New Enzo gets Rendered

Ferrari F70 Enzo
When it launches next year, the Ferrari F70 will not only be the Italian automakers first hybrid vehicle, but will also carry the lofty expectations of successfully succeeding the fabled F1-inspired Ferrari Enzo supercar.
There is already a ton of buzz surrounding Ferrari’s upcoming Enzo successor, the Ferrari F70, and here to add a little more excitement are some beautifully rendered images of what this Maranello masterpiece might look like when it launches.
Before we really get into it, though, here is what we know so far: First, we know Ferrari was recently on hand at the Beijing Motor Show showing off its latest HY-KERS hybrid system. This monstrous V12 is set to feature in the Ferrari F70 and offer enhanced levels of performance a standard engine system could not. Second, we know that the F70 will feature lithium-ion batteries supplied by South Korean electronics giant Samsung, and become the first hybrid ever to come out of Maranello. Third, the F70 will utilize “advanced F1 technology” much the way the Enzo did with its liberal usage of carbon fiber, active aerodynamics, and traction control. And finally, we know it’s probably going to be all sorts of awesome.
As for the renders you see – sadly they aren’t real or official. But they do come by way of industrial designer — and current employee of Italian styling house Pininfarina’s German subsidiary in Rüsselsheim — Constantin-Gabriel Radu.
Considering Radu’s work is simply a design exercise and nothing more, we can’t really speak to any performance related aspects. From an overall aesthetic perspective, though, we appreciate the uncomplicated curvature of his faux Ferrari F70 and find it more appetizing to our automotive palette than what’s found on the current Enzo. In fact, it’s no secret that our (and many others’) main gripe with the Enzo has always been its rather unattractive appearance. To be fair, the Enzo was always meant to act as an ultra-performance vehicle, not light up the racetrack with its stunning good looks.

True as that was, is, and always will be, Radu’s take on the Ferrari F70 manages to instill a visually impressive design reminiscent in some ways of the 458 Italia, while managing a nod and glance here and there to its predecessor in the process. This is especially evident when looking at rear design’s two-by two cylindrical taillamps. However, Radu’s work, while good, seems unfinished. Particularly when glancing over the models flat hood, which is devoid of any real aerodynamic shaping. And considering the Ferrari F70 will be one suped’ up hunk of metal and carbon fiber — estimates place the combined output of its 12 cylinder engine and electric motor above 900 horsepower — it’s going to need a lot more cooling vents than what’s currently displayed.
Still, while we don’t know what the final Enzo successor/Ferrari F70 will look like, Radu’s renderings — and connection to Pininfarina — may at least provide us with just enough clairvoyance, and plenty to talk about, until Ferrari official draws the curtain over its first green-machine next yea

by Amir Iliaifar

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