Tuesday, May 1, 2012

San Francisco Motorsports - The Evantra Supercar

This is the F&M Evantra, the latest in a rapidly growing list of small-series bespoke supercars from obscure European manufacturers.

The Evantra is the most recent project to emerge from the workshop of F&M by Mazzanti Automobili, an Italian company whose name is understandably shortened to simply ‘F&M’.

It seems to have got off to a better start than some similar custom-built supercars, by having a design which is not only aggressive, but relatively cohesive as well.
Of particular note are the rear-hinged doors which, when opened, give the car a menacing poise not dissimilar to a predator mid-pounce.

Adding to the Evantra’s intimidating character is its name; it’s shared with that given to the goddess of immortality by the Etruscan civilisation native to F&M’s fatherland of Tuscany.Under the bonnet will be a choice of 3.5-litre flat-sixes – available in organically blown 395bhp or twin-turbo 595bhp configuration. Specified with the latter, the Evantra should be good for 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds, according to its manufacturer.
Sitting atop a steel chassis, a choice of either composite or hand-crafted aluminium bodywork is available. Those choosing the latter will be able to customise the design further to suit their own tastes.The car was designed by Zsolt T├írnok, with input from the company founders Luca Mazzanti and Mario Faralli. The latter name may be familiar to some Classic Driver readers – Faralli Restauri has been responsible for restoring some of Italy’s most beautiful classics over the last 30 years.

Just five Evantras will be built per year. Prices have not yet been announced, but expect the basic car to cost upwards of £250,000 thanks to its bespoke nature and sheer exclusivity. See the F&M by Mazzanti Automobili website for more information.

Source: www.classicdriver.com
Text: Joe Breeze
Photos: F&M by Mazzanti Automobili


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