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Ferrari Service 360 Modena Bay Area - Maintenance Tips and Issues - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

Ferrari 360 Maintenance

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Maintenace, is this car going to break down and cost me a fortune? Actually, the 360 Modena is a very solid car and only has a few common issues.

1. The clutch can and will wear rapidly on the F1.

2. Transmission on pre-2001 F1 models needs upgrading.

3. F1 shift from 1 to 2 can be rough, indicating clutch wear.

4. Camshaft variator on early models were subject to recall.

Less common but other potential issues include:

1. Motor mounts on early models can crack.

2. Gasket leaks (like the one I experienced with my gas cap).

3. Alarm system is sketchy and can cause premature battery wear.

4. Bearings and seals in clutch assembly.

5. Starting in late model 2000s the exhaust manifolds are integrated with precats. If intake cam timings are not set correctly there is a good chance that excess fuel will get dumped into the manifolds causing the catalytic substrate to sinter. Extra care must be taken to set the timing by a degree wheel rather than going with the cam shaft factory marks.

6. When any service is done, the owner should ask for a before and after printout of any error codes that were detected and what was done to correct the problem and showing key parameters like exhaust cam angles, cat temperature, oxygen sensors (big gremlin here) and other errors recorded. In short, you must become a bit of an expert on your car.

7. The 360s all still use belts instead of chains. For the F430, Ferrari moved to an all chain system. Thus, for the F430 there is no need to change the timing and cam belts at 15K and 30K miles. This makes the F430 a car with a lower maintenance bill than the 360.

Use a few rules of thumb to be sure that your 360 Modena runs smoothly. always let it warm up from a cold start for at least 5 – 10 minutes. At a bare minimum let the car  run until it idles down. It is best if you get some heat into the oil before taking it above 4000 RPMs. You don’t want any metal-to-metal contact in the engine.

In general, if you adhere to the factory recommended maintenance schedule, the 360 Modena is one of the most reliable Ferrari's on the road. Unfortunately, no maintenance can be done by the owner due to a large amount of proprietary electronics in the car. Very few independent service centers have the diagnostic equipment but San Francisco Motorsports can take care of all your service needssually your only option.

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