Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ferrari Sales San Francisco - Ferrari 458 Scuderia to be Named ‘Monte Carlo’ - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo

Rumours are circulating that suggest the next high-performance 458 variant will be called the Monte Carlo rather than ‘Scuderia’ or ‘Challenge Stradale’. Ferrari will almost certainly produce a track-bred version of the 458 Italia at some point in the future and it’s believed that the name will be Monte Carlo when it is released.

The rumours centre from Sjoerd van Stokkum, a Dutch journalist for the magazine, Quote. Our friends over at Autoblog.nl picked up on a tweet that he sent after hearing the news at Marenello. The exact tweet read: “Heard today in corridors around Maranello Ferrari: the 458 ‘scuderia’ goes montecarlo called and gets 620hp”.

If it does get called the Monte Carlo it will be a complete departure from the hardcore variants of all other current Ferrari brands. Take the F430 and the 360 for example. They both got Scuderia and Challenge Stradale names, in keeping with Italian heritage. The 599 meanwhile got the name GTO, an evocative moniker for any Ferrari model.

The expected launch date for the Monte Carlo is 2013. Let us know what you think in the comments box below.

source: gtspirit.com
by Lawerence
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