Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ferrari Sales San Franicsco - Bugarti Veyron Unveiling at Westfield Sheppards Bush in London - San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael

Bugarti Veyron Unveiling at Westfield Sheppards Bush in London

F14BigAl captured one of the first videos showing the Bugarti Veyron at it’s official unveiling in Sheppards Bush’s Westfield shopping centre as part of the latest London Motor Museum show. It’s owned by Lord Pembroke, the owner of Wilton House. It will go on display at the Wilton Classic and Supercars 2012 as one of the headline displays!
As you will hear from the video, this is no standard Bugatti Veyron! It features a custom Quicksilver exhaust to match the loud wrap. We have to say that we love the look of this car.

Organizers of Wilton House Classic and Supercars 2012 unveiled their unique BugARTi Veyron today at Stratford Shopping Centre in London! It will be on display next Sunday at Wilton House in England as part of the supercar display. The Bugarti Veyron features a wrap designed by Ian Cook, an English artist who uses remote control cars to create acrylic artwork.
It’s a project that came together thanks to the Wilton House organizers, PopBangColour – Ian’s design company and the car’s owner, Lord Pembroke. The colours remind us of the classic gulf livery while aspects of the Bugatti badge have been incorporated onto the front of the car along with the image of an Aston Martin racer on the side.

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