Thursday, June 14, 2012

San Francisco Motorsports San Rafael - This Is $10.6 Million Of Bugatti Veyrons In One Photo

This Is $10.6 Million Of Bugatti Veyrons In One Photo

Five Bugatti Veyron owners were seen puttin' on the Ritz in Montreal this weekend, forming the perfect public road-bourne foil to the F1 madness that descended upon the French Canadian city. We can only imagine what it sounded like to hear all five of them fire up at the same time.

In the lineup were GrandSport Nos. 041 and 052 (blue and red, respectively), Sang-Noir No. 143, and Coupé No. 132.

Looking at this photo, I have to wonder if you have to take out extra insurance when you're going to be driving near so many other ridiculously fast cars. Although you would hope everyone keeps it mellow, there's something about getting behind the wheel of a speedy ride that makes many of us transform, Mr. Hyde-like, into the untrained F1 emulating wannabes
We didn't hear about any crashes this weekend, though.

By Benjamin Preston
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